My professional career as an accountant in the home building industry was a successful one of 23 years, and like many professionals I looked to the arts for personal creative fulfillment.

My love of photography started in 1999 when I purchased my first real SLR camera, and my admiration of the photograph as an art form grow into a passion to create my own work.  Then came the digital revelation in photography and in 2005 I purchased my first digital SLR camera.  I quickly grasped the digital process, and that allowed me to focus my energy on the artistic process; finding the light, and arranging the compositional elements to create the story.  Photoshop, a tool I understand, made post processing an exploration of the creative ideas to refine my vision.

Living in New Mexico provided me with a limitless creative canvas to explore and every season creates another chapter of a story.  Architecture and Along the way I also found a great appreciation for the human landscape, the portrait.  The classic portrait, the candid interaction of people at a wedding, the team interaction at a corporate event.